Founded in 1893 the Town of Black Mountain came of age with the completion of the railroad in 1879. Small businesses were launched to serve the needs of the many tourists, conference centers and colleges that found a home n Black Mountain. Downtown has retained the character and charm of of the earlier days, with small shops, restaurants and lodging, but craftsman and entrepreneurs have taken on new roles. Our black smiths are now producing artful sculptures empathizing beauty over function, rather than shaping the tools needed to build a mountain town. Our carpenters and architects are building energy efficient, beautifully designed homes and commercial spaces that echo our mountain heritage while meeting modern demands.  Our citizens formed a committee to further support our entrepreneurs and received the first Certified Entrepreneurial Community in the United States. We are proud of the wide range of businesses that call Black Mountain home.  Whether you are starting a new venture, relocating an existing business or just visiting - Black Mountain welcomes you to our Entrepreneurial Community!

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The Town of Black Mountain provides a full array of municipal services designed to protect the health safety and welfare of our citizens while preserving a high quality of life. The Town also considers itself friendly to business, and in fact, was the first municipality in North Carolina to become a "Certified Entrepreneurial Community." This means that the Town has in place strategies to help new businesses start and existing businesses to prosper. Listed below are links to help businesses find the necessary forms and information to succeed in Black Mountain:

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