Water Department

The Public Works Department manages the production and distribution of potable water and produces 187 million gallons of water annually from 12 wells which is then distributed through approximately 3,400 taps along 62 miles of water lines. The Town purchases approximately 30% of its water from the City of Asheville on an annual basis. Public Services staff are responsible for the maintenance of this system as well as maintenance of the Black Mountain Pool.

Water Administration (billing) is housed in Town Hall at 160 Midland Ave. Black Mountain. The goal of the water department is ensuring delivery of the highest possible quality of water to our customers at a reasonable cost. The department is responsible for providing accurate and proficient administration of Town receipts and water system records including utility billing, citizen service requests, reading of water meters, meter services, prepare staff reports, and conducting research and related activities in providing information on the utility system. 
Water forms can be accessed by clicking here.

The City of Asheville provides water to many of the customers within the corporate limits of the Town. Cross-connections between the two systems allows maximized service delivery and assists in maintenance of pressure and sufficiency of supply when one of the systems is experiencing flow problems. 

If you have questions regarding billing or wish to report a problem during normal business hours we encourage you to contact the Water Administration office at (828) 419-9300 ext. 1

To report water problems after hours please call (828) 419-9350.  

To report a sewer problem you may contact Metropolitan Sewerage District (MSD) at 828-254-9646. (24 hour line). 

Strategic Energy and Water Management
The Town of Black Mountain has committed itself to the goal of continually improving its energy and water efficiency. Investing in measures that reduce and conserve the use of energy in municipal facilities and other town managed properties protects both the environmental interests of the community and saves valuable tax dollars over time. In the spirit of environmental protection and fiscal responsibility, in 2015, the Town of Black Mountain updated its Strategic Energy and Water Management Plan to guide future goals and provide an analysis of current energy use of town-operated facilities. (Read more...)