The Board of Alcoholic Control is responsible for the oversight of the Town's Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) Board. The ABC Board consists of three members each serving a 3 year term. The ABC Board is responsible for the general oversight of the Town operated ABC store. In North Carolina each locally controlled ABC system must have a citizen appointed board to oversee the operations of the State controlled liquor distribution system. Powers and duties of the ABC Board are outlined in North Carolina General Statute 18-45. All actions are subject to the review and oversight of the State Board of Alcoholic Control. ABC Board members must reside within the corporate limits of Black Mountain. The Board of Aldermen appoints membership to this Board. 

The ABC Board meets on the third Thursday of each month at 3:00 pm at the ABC store 207 NC-9, Black Mountain, NC 28711. To request copies of minutes please email the Town Clerk, Angela Reece at or contact by phone at (828) 419-9310.

Black Mountain ABC Board
c/o Bill Christy, ABC Board Chair
207 NC-9, Black Mountain, NC 28711
Bill Christy -
Phone: (828) 669-2385

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