The governing body for the Town of Black Mountain is the Board of Aldermen. This board consists of a Mayor and five Aldermen who are elected at large in non-partisan elections held every two years. The Mayor is elected separately and serves a four-year term just as do the Aldermen. The Vice-Mayor is elected from and serves at the pleasure of the membership of the Board. The Mayor has the responsibility of presiding at the meetings and acting as the chief elected official of the Town but does not vote on matters that are placed before the Board except in situations that result in a tie vote. It is the responsibility of the Board of Aldermen to deliberate and adopt policies designed to govern the delivery of municipal services throughout the Town. It is the members of this board that are held directly responsible and accountable to the electorate of the community for insuring that the Town responds to public needs/desires and addresses those needs in the most efficient manner possible. Please click here to view the resolution and code of ethics adopted by Board of Aldermen. 

Under the Council-Manager form of government the Board of Aldermen is responsible for the employing of a Town Manager. It is the Manager who is charged with the responsibility of insuring that the policies set by the Board of Aldermen are equitably, fairly, and correctly carried out. In addition, the Board of Aldermen is responsible for hiring the Town Attorney who advises both the Board and the staff on legal matters involving the interests of the Town.

The current Board Members are 

Alderman Larry B. Harris 
Alderman Carlos Showers 

Mayor Don Collins 
Vice Mayor Maggie Tuttle
Alderman Tim Raines
Alderman Ryan Stone

Contact information

Aldermen Candidate Information Packet

Statement of Policy

Board of Aldermen Meetings

  • The Board of Aldermen Regular Session meeting is held on the second Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. with the Agenda meeting held on the Thursday prior to the regular session meeting beginning at 5:00 p.m. Both meetings are held in the Town Hall Building at 160 Midland Avenue. Regular and Agenda Meeting dates/times are subject to change by majority vote of the Board. Please click here for the current schedule
  • For meeting rules and additional information please check out our meeting brochure.
  • If you have any questions or to request minutes prior to the year 2010 please contact the Town Clerk, Angela Reece who will be happy to assist you at (828)419-9310 or 
  • Minutes from the year 2012 to present can also be accessed and cross referenced with the Code of Ordinances by clicking here

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