The Urban Forestry Commission

is an advisory commission appointed by the Black Mountain Board of Aldermen consisting  of 5 members each serving 3 year , staggered terms. The Urban Forestry Commission was established to study assist in the administration of the Town of Black Mountain tree ordinance as it pertains to advice on the regulation of tree planting, maintenance, and removal on publicly owned and maintained property within the Town of Black Mountain. The primary goal of the Commission is to facilitate the planting, growth, and protection of trees within the Town. The Commission focuses their efforts on fostering communication and coordination among citizens of the town in an effort to protect trees and support their health and growth within the community. The Commission is charged with the development and annual update of a written plan for the care of publicly planted trees and shrubs. In addition, when requested by the Board of Aldermen, the Commission shall consider, investigate, make findings, report, and recommend upon any special matter of question coming within the scope of its work.  A minimum of four-fifths of the membership shall be made up of full-time residents or persons who own property within the corporate limits of Black Mountain. The fifth member may be a resident who does not reside within the corporate limits but who does reside in the East Buncombe Fire District, but not within the corporate limits of any other incorporated municipality. The Board of Aldermen appoint membership. 

Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. at Town Hall, 160 Midland Avenue Black Mountain NC 28711. To request copies of agendas or meeting materials and minutes please email Tausha Millwood at or contact by phone at (828) 419-9304.

Black Mountain Public Works Department
c/o Black Mountain Urban Forestry Commission
304 Black Mountain Ave. Black Mountain, NC 28711
Tausha Millwood - 
Phone: (828) 419-9300 x 664

To contact members of the Urban Forestry Commission please email them at:

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