The Town of Black Mountain has appointed boards or commissions that provide opportunities for many citizens to assist the elected governing board in shaping public policy. State law requires that some of these boards and commissions (such as the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board) play a direct role in selecting agency heads and setting operating policies for the agency. Other boards and commissions are established by the Board of Aldermen to advise them directly on matters ranging from land use to recreation. In some cases, at least some of the members of an appointed board or commission must be residents of the Town or have other specific qualifications. As of July 2015 ALL boards and commission members are required to sign and abide by a code of ethics. For more information, download the Town of Black Mountain Boards and Commissions Policy Manual Packet.

Term Limits
Term limits have been established for all boards and commissions, whose members are appointed by the Board of Aldermen. Members may serve two consecutive three-year terms, and must set out at least one full year before becoming eligible for reappointment. Serving a partial or unexpired term does not count as a part of the two, three-year term limit. The Board of Aldermen may allow an exception to the term limits when the exception is justified by very special circumstances.

Your Participation

We encourage all interested persons to apply for membership on one or more of the vacant positions that occur in July of each year. Positions come open on a rotational basis, so not all seats on each of the boards or commissions are vacant at the same time. We have provided an application form for service on one of these boards or commissions on the web site. Many times we have more qualified applicants apply than we have available seats on the boards. So, if you are interested, we encourage you to submit an application for appointment to Town Boards or Commissions to Angela Reece, the Town Clerk. Click download PDF to access the application. For further information please contact the Town Clerk at (828)419-9310 or email her at If you are not selected, we encourage you to apply again.

To access the Town of Black Mountain Service Directory, click here.