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The Town of Black Mountain offers you many ways in which to interact with your government. As time progresses we will strive to make many of our services available from the web and participate in Federal, State and Local standards for access from the internet. The following downloads and links should allow you access to the most commonly needed forms and documents from the various town departments and services. Suggestions for other web based services are always welcome.

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Administration Sanitation
Finance and Information Services Planning and Development
Boards & Commissions Police
Board Minutes Fire
Board Agenda Recreation & Parks
Building Transportation
Code of Ordinances (Muni-Code) Water Administration
Full Agenda Packets  

Town Board Meetings on-line

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Monthly Agenda Packets
Administration Click Icon To Download
Requires Acrobat Reader
Year 2013 Meeting Schedule

Employment Application

Comprehensive Plan
( 5mb download)
Ways To Cut Home Heating Costs
Approved Capitol Improvement Plan (CIP)- 2008-2013
Transportation Click Icon To Download
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Bus Schedule and Route Map

Finance Information Click Icon To Download
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Financial Reports
  2014-2015 Adopted Budget
2013-2014 Adopted Budget
2012-2013 Adopted Budget
2011-2012 Adopted Budget
2011-2012 Budget Ordinance
Approved Capitol Improvement Plan (CIP)- 2008-2013
Sanitation Click Icon To Download
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Sanitation Brochure

 Recycling / Sanitation Calendar

Recycling Brochure

Special Events Recycling Guidelines
Black Mountain Business Recycling Guidelines
Planning & Development

Click Icon To Download
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Zoning Compliance Application


Building Inspection Appeal


Certificate of Appropriateness Application


Planning Board Minutes


Change to Zoning Code


Complaint Form - Building / Zoning Violation


Conditional Use Application


Flood Information Request


Hazard Mitigation Plan


Pedestrian Transportation Plan


Privilege License Application


Sign Permit Application


Special Event Permit Application


Stormwater Information and Permits


Street Closing Application


US 70 Corridor Study


Variance Application


Zoning Administration Appeal


Zoning Map

Building Department

Click Icon To Download
Requires Acrobat Reader


Accessory Structure Permit


Deck Permit Application


New Business Forms Packet


Application for Moved Structure


Building Permit Application


Building Permit Mechanical. Electrical, Plumbing


    Building Permit Fee Schedule


Building Permit Mobile Home


Commercial Project Drawing Requirements


Contractor Exemption Form


Deck Plan Example


Demolition Permit Application


Application to Develop in a  Flood Hazard Area


Grading Permit Application


Residential Requirements for a Building Permit


Commercial Requirements for a Building Permit


Minimum Inspections Required by the Town


Occupancy Permit Application


Plot Plan Drawing Form for Applications 


Proof Of Workers Comp


Deck Brochure


Manufactured Home Inspections


Residential Project Drawing  Requirements

Recreation & Parks

Click Icon To Download
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Golf Course Membership Form

Boards & Commissions

Click Icon To Download
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Information Booklet for Boards and Commissions


Listing of Board and Commission Members
(each list on separate page, keep scrolling)


Application for Appointment to a Board or Commission


Planning Board Minutes


Health Initiative Goals


Greenway Commission Minutes


Housing Commission Minutes


Historic Preservation Commission Minutes


Black Mountain Historic District Design Guidelines


Urban Forestry Commission

Police Department

Click Icon To Download
Requires Acrobat Reader


Business Emergency Contact

Extra Check Form


Vacation House Check


Safety Tips For Seniors

Fire Department

Click to go to Fire Dept. Web


How to Safely Reoccupy a Building 


Download from FD Web Site

Water Administration

Click Icon To Download
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Wellhead Protection Brochure


Automatic Bank Draft Application


Application for Water Tap


Application for New Service


Application for Water Disconnect


Water Quality Brochure

Board Meeting Minutes

Click Icon To Download
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  April 2015 Minutes
  March 2015 Minutes
  February 2015 Minutes
  January 2015 Minutes
  December 2014 Minutes
  November 2014 Minutes
  October 2014 Minutes
  September 2014 Minutes
  August 2014 Minutes
  July 2014 Minutes
  June 2014 Minutes
  May 2014 Minutes
  April 2014 Minutes
  March 2014 Minutes
  Febuary 2014 Minutes
  January 2014 Minutes
  December 2013 Minutes
  November 2013 Minutes
  October 2013 Minutes
  September 2013 Minutes
  August 2013 Minutes
  July 2013 Minutes
  June 2013 Minutes
  May 2013 Minutes
  April 2013 Minutes
  March 2013 Minutes
  February 2013 Minutes
  January 2013 Minutes

Archive Minutes (2004-2012) 

Board Meeting Agenda

Click Icon To Download
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Full Agenda Packets Are Available Here

  May 2015 Agenda
  April 2015 Agenda
  March 2015 Agenda
  February 2015 Agenda
  January 2015 Agenda
  December 2014 Agenda
  November 2014 Agenda
  October 2014 Agenda
  September 2014 Agenda
  August 2014 Agenda
  July 2014 Agenda
  June 2014 Agenda
  May 2014 Agenda
  April 2014 Agenda
  March 2014 Agenda
  February 2014 Agenda
  January 2014 Agenda
  December 2013 Agenda
  November 2013 Agenda
  October 2013 Agenda
  September 2013 Agenda
  August 2013 Agenda
  July 2013 Agenda
  June 2013 Agenda
  May 2013 Agenda
  April 2013 Agenda
  March 2013 Agenda
  February 2013 Agenda
  January 2013 Agenda

Archive Agendas  (2004-2013)

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