Board of Aldermen

Regular Meetings

  • 6 p.m.
  • The 2nd Monday of each month
  • Town Hall
    160 Midland Avenue
    Black Mountain, NC 28711

Agenda Meeting

  • 5 p.m.
  • The Thursday prior to regular session meeting
  • Town Hall
    160 Midland Avenue
    Black Mountain, NC 28711

Current Agenda 

The current agenda and packet are available online for review. Minutes will be uploaded to the agenda center when approved. 

Board of Alderman Meeting Minutes & Archive

The Town of Black Mountain offers you many ways in which to interact with your government. Municode offers the ability to cross reference and search text of Board of Aldermen meeting minutes with the Black Mountain Code of Ordinances . Meeting minutes from the year 2012 to present can be searched using this service. 

Minutes Prior to 2012

If you have any questions or to request minutes prior to the year 2012 please contact the Town Clerk  who will be happy to assist you at 828-419-9300 ext. 5 or via email.


The Black Mountain Board of Aldermen consists of a Mayor and five Aldermen who are elected at large in non-partisan elections held every two years. The Mayor and Board of Aldermen serve four year staggered terms. The Vice-Mayor is appointed by vote of the majority of the membership of the Board. 

  • Mayor Don Collins
  • Vice-Mayor Maggie Tuttle
  • Alderman Larry B. Harris
  • Alderman Ryan Stone
  • Alderman Carlos Showers
  • Alderman Tim Raines

Responsibilities & Purpose

The Town of Black Mountain operates under the Council-Manager form of government.

  • It is the responsibility of the Board of Aldermen to deliberate and adopt policies designed to govern the delivery of municipal services throughout the Town. Board members are responsible and accountable to the electorate of the community for insuring that the Town responds to public needs/desires and addresses those needs in the most efficient manner possible. View the resolution and code of ethics (PDF) adopted by Board of Aldermen. View the 
  • The Board of Aldermen are responsible for making all legislative and policy making decisions. In 1986 the Board of Aldermen amended the Town Charter by adopting the Council Manager form of government. The Board of Aldermen are responsible for selecting and appointing a Town Manager whose powers and duties are governed by North Carolina General Statute 160A-148.The Town Manager serves as the chief administrator of the Town and is responsible for appointment, suspension or removal of all city officers and employees not elected by the people in accordance with general personnel rules, regulations, policies or ordinances as the Board of Aldermen may adopt. 
  • The Board's control is meant to be general in nature, leaving the manager to exercise professional judgment as to how to carry out the board's intent. 
  • The Board of Aldermen is also responsible for selecting and appointing he Town Attorney who advises both the Board and the staff on legal matters involving the interests of the Town.
  • The Mayor has the responsibility of presiding at the meetings and acting as the chief elected official of the Town but does not vote on matters that are placed before the Board except in situations that result in a tie vote.

Meeting Comments, Presentations & Rules of Conduct

The Board of Aldermen thank you for your interest in local government and invite you to attend the Town's Board meetings, boards and commissions meetings, and to volunteer within the community. The Board of Aldermen have adopted guidelines to govern citizen comment periods, presentations, and conduct at public meetings