Fire Department

Fire Department Members and Truck in 1950Established in 1919, the Black Mountain Fie Department is a combination paid and volunteer department that provides, fire, first response medical and rescue services. We employ 19 paid staff, 7 part time and maintain 25 volunteer members. We have an ISO insurance rating of Class 4.

Fire Stations

We have two stations that are staffed 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The Main Station is located at 106 Montreat Road, The Charlie Arnett Sub Station is located at 19 White Pine Drive. We also have a third station that is located in the Laurel Ridge community that is not staffed. We serve two districts, the Town of Black Mountain and the East Buncombe Fire District. The area we cover is 27 square miles and goes all the way to the Blue Ridge Parkway to the North.

Annual Fire Department Report Statistics

Calls Responded to:

  • In City: 1,652
  • Rural: 877
  • Total Calls: 2,529

Inspections Activities:

  • Business: 776
  • Residential: 34
  • Prevention: 464
  • Total Inspections: 1,274

Man Hours and Training:

  • On Calls: 24,273
  • Training: 10,598
  • Vol. Extra Duty: 762
  • Total Hours: 35,632

Further Information

To learn more please visit the department's website.