Blue Ridge Road Small Area Plan

The new I-40 Interchange will provide all traffic, particularly truck traffic, with alternative access to the interstate and encourage more commercial and industrial activity in the western portions of Black Mountain and along Blue Ridge Road. As such, the Town will be exploring independent land use and transportation opportunities along Blue Ridge Road in order to maximize the potential for this future growth area. 

The first public meeting held in March provided valuable insight into 1) what community features are desired that are not available, 2) what changes would benefit the Blue Ridge Road area, and 3) what the Community would like to avoid in terms of future land use and transportation. From there, the project team developed draft land use and transportation recommendations to share at the public input session being held on June 11th at Town Hall. 

The following link is a web-based application that provides a summary of existing conditions, NCDOT planned projects, and the draft recommendations (land use and transportation) for comment in advance of the meeting or for those unable to attend. The comment sheet is located under Related Documents.