Department Overview

Planning staff handles both short-term and long-range planning activities for the town. Our staff has expertise in many issues affecting the growth of our community, including land use, active transportation, economic development, and environmental management. Staff provides the data, information and professional recommendations regarding land use issues and other planning policies and regulations to the Board of Alderman and appointed boards to help them make informed recommendations and decisions.

Zoning is a tool used in planning to implement a land use strategy. It is a set of regulations organized by districts to implement a long-range land use plan. Zoning administration and enforcement are handled by planning staff. Zoning administration ensures building and operations or uses of a building meet or exceed the minimum standards detailed in the zoning ordinance. Planning staff supports and facilitates Planning Board, Greenways Commission, Historic Preservation Commission, and Zoning Board of Adjustments.

The department is also home to all aspects of permits and inspections related to new construction, remodeling, repair projects, and stormwater. The Building Inspector maintains regular office hours from 8:00 AM to 10:30 AM each morning to meet with contractors or homeowners and issue permits. Please note inspections must be scheduled one day in advance.

  1. Jennifer Tipton

    Senior Admin
    Phone: 828-419-9371

  2. Jessica Trotman, MSEH

    Planning Director
    Phone: 828-419-9370

  3. Anne Phillip

    Stormwater Technician
    Phone: 828-419-9374

  4. Russell Cate

    Phone: 828-419-9373

  5. Rick Burton

    Building Inspector
    Phone: 828-419-9341