Title VI Non-Compliance

Examples of Non-Compliance

Below are some examples of situations that could be considered non-compliant with Title VI. While each example below may not be considered violations upon full investigation, note that typically, engagement in activities such as these, could be considered violations of Title VI or some other civil rights laws. 

  • Denying someone service, financial aid, other benefits provided through a Town program.
  • Providing a service or benefit to an individual which is inferior (either in quantity or quality) to that provided to others in the program.
  • Providing someone with a service or benefit ina manner different from others under the program.
  • Subjecting someone to segregation or sperate treatment in any way related to the receipt of services or benefits under the program.
  • Restricting someone in any way from receiving any advantage or privilege enjoyed by others in the program.
  • Setting up different standards or conditions as prerequisites for accepting an individual into a program.
  • Permitting discriminatory activity in a facility built in whole or part with federal funds.
  • Failing to provide services or information in a language other than English when significant numbers of potential or actual beneficiaries have limited English speaking ability.
  • Failing to advise the population eligible to be served or benefited by the program about the existence of the program.
  • Subjecting someone to discriminatory employment practices under a federally funded program intended to provide employment.
  • Establishing a facility in a location that in any way limits or impedes access to a federally funded service or benefit.