Water Quality Guide for Restaurants

  • Be sure that all wash water drains to the sanitary sewer system - not a storm drain.
  • Be sure to store grease in covered containers designed for that purpose.
  • Clean up all outdoor spills immediately using rags, kitty litter, or other absorbent materials and then dispose of them properly.
  • Do not place grease rendering drums near any creek, stream, or storm drain.
  • Dumpsters should be placed in covered areas to prevent stormwater from entering them.
  • If equipment needs to be cleaned outdoors, collect wash water and dispose of it in indoor sinks or drains that discharge into the sanitary sewer system.
  • After mopping up spills, rinse mop and dispose of wash water in indoor sinks or toilets that discharge into the sanitary sewer system.
  • Keep all storm drains clear.
  • Know where spill kits are located in the event of a spill. Make sure spill kits are stored in a convenient location.
  • Make sure there are a sufficient number of trash receptacles for employees and customers.
  • Never put any waste products or food waste in any stream, creek, or storm drain.
  • Pick up litter every day, keeping parking lots and other paved areas clean of debris.
  • Recycle grease or dispose of it at an appropriate landfill.

*Information on this Web Page excerpted from City of Concord, Copyright 2019, and City of Winston-Salem, Copyright 2006-2020