Leak Adjustment Requests

The customer is responsible for leakage in the piping on his/her property on his/her side of the water meter and will be charged for water and/or sewer based on water use as indicated on the meter. This is being defined as that point at which the customer's plumbing connects either directly to the meter box or the customer's shut off valve connects directly to the meter box. The Town does not repair leaks on the customer's side of the water meter. The Town of Black Mountain may allow credit for utility charges resulting from leaks on the customer's side of the meter. 
Before filling out a Leak Adjustment Request Form, please read the following:
  • Credit may be extended to the customer's account/property only once every 24 calendar months upon approval.
  • Customer must submit a completed Leak Adjustment Form within 60 days of leak detection either by the Town or the customer.
  • Customer must provide the Town of Black Mountain an invoice from a licensed plumber for repairing the leak(s). This must be accompanied by a statement confirming that a leak (or multiple leaks) had been repaired, and a description describing where the leak(s) occurred.
  • A customer may make their own repairs. If a customer makes their own repairs, all receipts for parts and pictures of the leak site prior to repair and after completion are required to be sent to the Town for approval.
  • Leak adjustments may be calculated based on residential customer's average monthly consumption amount plus 25%. Average monthly consumption is based on the four (4) month average prior to the month showing excessive use. If previous consumption is less than 4 previous months, the Town may require 3 additional months of normal usage before adjustment calculation can be processed.
  • No credit will be applied to the account until water usage returns to normal.