Featured Town Projects

Welcome to the Town of Black Mountain's home page for projects.   

To provide better visibility into work the Town of Black Mountain is doing in support of Council priorities, this new projects page was launched in January 2023. 

Are you interested in learning more about the various projects the town is working on around  Black Mountain to improve the environment, mobility, and quality of life for our residents and visitors alike? We hope this portion of the town's website will keep you up-to-date on many of the priority projects the town is pursuing in hopes of better serve our community. 

In the links to the left of this page you will find various projects and details, including concept drawings and maps, a timeline for completion, and funding information. 

If you are looking for details related to transportation projects, such as bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, greenways, or highway projects in town, please view the transportation section of the Planning Department webpage here.

Details related to stormwater projects may be found here

Project Funding

There are many funding sources for a project depending on the type of project. Town staff strive offset costs to the taxpayers by applying or a variety of local, state, and federal grants where available. Grants can also come from private businesses, corporations or foundations. For large scale infrastructure or building projects it may be necessary to budget funds over a period of time or to seek other methods of funding such as financing.  For more explanation on the different funding sources and mechanisms for municipal government in NC, check out the book chapter written by the NC School of Government.

  1. Angela Reece, MPA, MMC, NCCMC

    Project & Facilities Manager
    Phone: 828-419-9300, ext. 315

  2. Jennifer Tipton, B.S.

    Senior Administrative Assistant
    Phone: 828-419-9300, ext. 371

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