Project History Summary

This summary is only of the major events in the lengthy history of this project. 


Riverwalk Greenway is identified in the Greenway Master Plan


Hydro study for NCDOT culverts denied by NCDOT for use


MPO funds preliminary design for alignment feasibility 

Town creates capital project fund


Preliminary design occurs for 18 months

Town requests MPO funding for project funding

12 months are devoted to the rail crossing study

Project is paused for six months between planning directors 


Project end points extended to include Hampton Inn and In-the-Oaks to go along the river

MPO awards additional funding

Town signs contract with MBI. NCDOT review takes a few months.

Property owners reject river alignment. New alignment is developed. 


Preliminary engineering begins

Town accepts financial support from Buncombe County

Town applies for additional funding from MPO


Preliminary engineering continues

30% plan submitted to NCDOT

Project fails NCDOT hydro requirements in August


Alignment consideration continues through July

Town Council votes to split the project. The STIP is amended to create EB-5547A and EB-5547B.

Contract with MBI amended becomes Section B

End points for Section A determined (Sutton Avenue/NC-9 Hwy to Black Mountain Avenue)

Town approves new contract with MBI for A and B


Updating PE/ROW/Construction budget for STIP amendment begins in January and continues to the fall