Future Bike Improvements

The Town is working with NC Department of Transportation to implement projects recommended in adopted bike and pedestrian plans during scheduled NCDOT resurfacing projects on Cragmont Road, N Blue Ridge Road, and Old US 70 Hwy. The Town worked with NCDOT to determine which projects were supported by the division engineers and what projects are possible after reviewing current conditions. During the review process, the Town also sought to learn what alternatives may exist if needed. 

NCDOT found that bike lanes and/or bikeable shoulders recommended in these areas are not feasible due to intermittent right-of-way and variable widths of maintenance limits. Due to these limitations, alternative bicycle improvements will be utilized during resurfacing projects over the next three years. 

To date, bicycle signage has been installed on Old US 70, Blue Ridge Road, and N. Blue Ridge Road at Cragmont Road.

  • Install "Bicycles May Use Full Lane" signs (MUTCD R4-11) on each route. These signs will be placed at the resurfacing termini and near intersections along the roadway (example: on Old US 70 Hwy near Grovestone Road, N. Blue Ridge Road, and US 70 Hwy).
  • Install shared lane markings on each route near intersections only.
  • Install pedestrian warning signs (MUTCD W11-2) with supplemental warning plaques (MUTCD W16-4) that read "NEXT 1 MILE" on Blue Ridge Road. These signs will be placed near Blue Ridge Assembly Drive and NC 9 Hwy intersections.