Asset Mapping Stormwater Infrastructure Planning PROJECT # SRP-SW-ARP-0055

The Town applied for a Stormwater Planning Grant through the State Water Infrastructure Authority (SWIA) and has received notification advising our project is eligible to receive a grant funding through the Local Assistance for Stormwater Infrastructure Investments (LASII) from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) which will be one hundred percent of eligible project costs up to a maximum of $400,000. Projects funded by ARPA must meet applicable federal law and guidance for the ARPA funds. This grant will allow the Town to expand its long-term Stormwater Master Plan to include additional system mapping, condition assessment, development of a stormwater capital improvement and financial plan to include a rate analysis for the stormwater utility, funding needs, as well as a resiliency plan which accounts for growth impacts and the storm drainage infrastructure. The projects identified will address both water quality and water quantity issues that impact the Swannanoa River, its tributaries, and any impediments to NPDES compliance. 

This project will provide the Town with a more complete knowledge of the stormwater system and will further the town’s ability to maintain, operate, and fund improvements to the stormwater system. The project will also identify the stormwater infrastructure to meet the needs of the Town’s Future Land Use Map to identify crucial needs for stormwater infrastructure improvements and risk mitigation. The areas that will be assessed for stormwater-related planning and improvement include, but are not limited to, Town facilities and properties, drainage infrastructure (including outfalls, catch basins, and culverts), mitigation measures along impaired streams, recommendations on a stormwater utility fee, and staffing needs for effective stormwater management. The proposed planning process will involve public education and outreach. This work will build upon the recently adopted Stormwater Master Plan and provide detailed capital planning.

  1. Angela Reece, MPA, MMC, NCCMC

    Project & Facilities Manager
    Phone: 828-419-9300, ext. 315

  2. Jennifer Tipton, B.S.

    Senior Administrative Assistant
    Phone: 828-419-9300, ext. 371

  3. Jessica Trotman, MSEH

    Planning Director