Charlotte Street Sidewalk

The Town of Black Mountain Council approved funding to construct a sidewalk on Charlotte Street which will close a gap in the existing pedestrian network between Flat Creek Greenway and East State Street. This local project is included in a set of pedestrian and bicycle improvements approved by the Town Council in 2021, connecting Flat Creek Greenway to federal project EB5547-A, which begins at the intersection of N.C. 9 Hwy and Sutton Avenue.

The Buncombe County School System has granted the Town of Black Mountain an easement. The project was completed in June 2023. The project will aid in safety, visibility, walkability, and traffic flow in this area once completed.

  1. timeline

This project was completed in June 2023.

Citizens may notice additional construction at this site in the coming months which will include the installation of a walking track and car lane at the school which are school funded projects.

  1. Funding

Funding Sources

  • This project was funded in the FY22-23 budget in the amount of $65,000 which includes the survey, engineering plans and construction.
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