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House Check Request

  1. (Notify us immediately if departure or return times change.)

    60 days is the maximum allowed.
  2. Emergency Contact 1
  3. Do they have a key?
  4. Emergency Contact 2
  5. Do they have a key?
  6. Vehicles Left on Property
    (Do not include vehicles in garage.)
  7. Alarms
  8. Premise Alarm?
  9. Further Information
  10. Lights On
  11. Rear Yard Locked?
  12. Broken Windows or Screens?
  13. The undersigned understands and agrees that this service is provided as a courtesy by the Town of Black Mountain and the Black Mountain Police Department. By providing this courtesy, the Town and the Department are not promising or contracting to provide any additional protection for my property or business. The undersigned releases the Town of Black Mountain, the Black Mountain Police Department and their employees from any liability should loss occur.
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